I would have to say that my favorite genres to read or write would be either Historical, Fantasy, or Romance. I love to read or write Historicals, because I am a complete history nut and love anything remotely connected to history.

My favorite periods in history would be Medieval, The Civil War and World Wars I and II. Some of my favorite books in this genre are: Gone With The Wind, The Pillar Of Fire (Judith Tarr), and Eagle’s Cry (David Nevin). I love to write historical because I enjoy the research and learning involved in the plotting.

Fantasy is another favorite genre of mine because it allows me to escape day-to-day pressures and totally immerse myself in a completely fictionalized world. My favorite fantasy authors are J.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchett. Terry Pratchett’s Disc world Novels are hilarious and an excellent addition to the classic works of Tolkien and Lewis. I enjoy writing fantasy for the same reasons I enjoy reading it. It is good light-hearted fun and removes me from the stress that daily life can bring.

Romance is another genre I enjoy reading. It is not my favorite and I try not to write too much romance, but I like to read a sweet ending story every now and then. My favorite Romance author’s would be Danielle Steel, Catherine Coulter and Victoria Holt.

There are not too many genres that I don’t like or don’t read. I am an avid reader who has been known to read the mustard bottle on the table, simply because it was there. However, my least favorites are Erotica and Science Fiction. I never write these genres, though I have in a moment of desperation, because I have nothing else, read Science Fiction. My husband is a huge Science Fiction fan, so there are always books from that genre in the house.

If I pick up a book in the Erotica genre by accident, I will finish reading it. I just skip over some of the more detailed portions that I do not care to read. I can never start a story and not finish it. I have to know how it ends.

Just as in reading and writing, I usually pick movies in the same genres. I am enthralled by the Showtime series, The Tudors. I also watch the history channel and the discovery channel.

There are many genres and subgenres to choose from today. I have only touched on a few of them. So, what genres do you enjoy?


The Great Agent Search

The Great Agent Search

Permission to forward granted.

May 5-30
The Great Agent Search
Instructor: Jenna Petersen
Cost: $25.00 payable by PayPal
Deadline to Register: April 30th
Go to http://www.pasic. net/classes. html for more info and to register.

Whether they have finished their first manuscript or their tenth, many authors are overwhelmed by the daunting task of searching for an agent. This workshop breaks the agent search down and discusses common issues.

Part One: Who Needs An Agent?
In this section, I discuss the pros and cons to having an agent. I also talk a bit about what most agents do, both for an unpublished client and one who already has a contract to negotiate.

Part Two: How Do I Find An Agent?
This part deals with the actual searching portion of an agent search. I discuss, in detail, several methods of finding an agent, all based on my own experience (from personal agent searches and information garnered for my industry website).

Part Three: How Do I Attract the Attention of a Good Agent?:
We will discuss how to write a good query letter (for an agent or an editor), by breaking down each paragraph in a query. I will provide several examples.

Part Four: What Do I Do Now That I Have An Agent Interested In Me?
This section will help a potential client handle agent interest in a professional manner. It discusses everything from asking the right questions to following their gut when it’s right.

Part Five : What Do I Do Now That I’ve Hired An Agent?
Even after the Agent Search is over, many authors are still lost. So this section deals with what they should expect from most agents and how the relationship between author and agent shifts once they’ve hired someone.

Part Six: What If I Want to Fire My Agent?
This is one of the concepts I get the most questions on. Discusses reasons why you might fire your agent and how to go about doing it so that you don’t burn bridges.

Part Seven: But What If I Don’t WANT An Agent?
A final discussion on how an author can still pursue a romance career without dealing with an agent. Discusses approaching editors on your own and resources available to deal with your own contracts.

About the Instructor:
Jenna Petersen started writing full-time in 1999 when her husband said, “You’re only happy when you’re writing, why don’t you do that?” In 2004, her dream came true when her literary agent called to say she’d just sold two books to Avon.
Her releases include: Scandalous (October 2005), From London With Love (August 2006) and Desire Never Dies (January 2007), Seduction is Forever (October 2007) and the upcoming Lessons from a Courtesan (August 2008). She also writes erotic romance as Jess Michaels, and helped launch the Avon Red line with her novella in Parlor Games. Her next Jess Michaels release is Something Reckless (May 2008). She’s been a Bookscan and Waldenbooks Mass Market bestseller.

In addition, she has run The Passionate Pen since 1999. This popular site for aspiring authors gets nearly 200,000 hits per month and contains information on literary agents, publishing houses, articles about writing and the industry, links and Jenna’s Diary toward and beyond publication. You can find her at http://www.passionatepen. com and at http://www.jennapetersen. com.
Deadline to Register: April 30th
Go to http://www.pasic. net/classes. html for more info and to register.