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The Muse Writers Conference!

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Gertrude Stein on Writing

keeponwriting“Write without thinking of the result
in terms of a result,
but think of the writing
in terms of discovery,

which is to say that creation
must take place
between the pen and the paper,

not before in a thought
or afterwards in a recasting…

It will come if it is there
and if you will let it come.”

Gertrude Stein

Quote of the day

“I think it’s important to have a goal—
either page count or time—and stick to it.
Consistency and discipline is key.”

-Allison Brennan in an article
in the Romance Writers Report, February 2008

Quote of the day!

“I didn’t write my first word until I was 35 years old.
I wasted about 10 years before that, when the little
voice in my head was screaming for me to write.
All writers have a little voice their head that drives
them forward. Listen to it.”

-Steve Berry in an article
in Writer’s Digest, May/June 2009

Eternal Press Launch Party !

celebration1EternalPressAuthors Yahoo! Group

Title: Eternal Press Launch Party

Date: Saturday February 7, 2009
Time: All Day
Repeats: This event repeats every month.
Notes: Eternal Press is excited to announce seven sizzling new titles released this month. We invite you to join us for our launch party on the 7th over at our Reader’s email group. Here’s the link:

We’re partying all day so come chat with our authors; you might win some free stuff!

Eternal Press January Lineup!

January 2009 Releases




Carinna and The Nobleman                      Jannine Corti Petska

Release Date: 01/07/09





78,000 words              $6.95                           Heat Level:  3 Flames




Born in New York and raised in Southern California, Jannine grew up in an Italian family with Old World values. When she began writing romances, it was only natural that she set her stories in Italy and around the Italian culture.

She has won or finaled in various writing contests and written articles about Medieval Italy for Renaissance Magazine. 

Jannine lives in California with her husband and three feisty Rat Terriers, To reach Jannine either through email or surface mail, please visit her website at




Forced to the streets after her mother dies, Carina Gallo is desperate to survive and find her long lost sisters.  Consumed with locating his missing brother, Count Luciano has forsaken his needs. When he catches beautiful and vulnerable Carina stealing from him, he takes pity and cares for her until she’s strong enough to work off her crime. Carina is forever grateful to Luciano, yet fears he will learn of her wicked secret and condemn her to burn. Will Luciano and Carina find a way to feed the mutual passions they share, or will heresy and obsession with lost family destroy them both?




Carina sighed inwardly, truly amazed by the beautiful sight of her first lover. Count Ruggero’s long, well-proportioned legs reminded her of sturdy pillars. Her gaze drifted over the healing wound on his forearm then shifted to the blaze of desire turning his eyes dark gold. A thrill shivered through her body…until their monumental differences returned to afflict her conscience.

“You know not what you are doing, my lord.”

“No, angel. I know exactly what I am about to do.”

“But you and I cannot. You are a count. I am merely a peasant.”

He propped his hands on his hips. “Think you it matters to me?”

“It should, my lord. I am not worthy of your attention, amorous or otherwise.”

He showered her with a promising smile and stepped forward to help her remove her chemise. “When you and I are wearing naught, tell me of our differences, save for the obvious.”



Kidnapped                                     Rita Karnopp


Romantic Suspense



65,300 words              $6.95                           Heat Level:  2 Flames




Rita Karnopp has been writing for over fifteen years. Although originally from Wisconsin, she and her husband have lived in Montana for the past thirty-two years. She’s drawn to the history of the Native American and strives to bring alive the authenticity of a time past. When writing suspense or contemporary romance she enjoys bringing excitement and the enduring power of love to her stories. Prior to the release of Kidnapped, her Eternal Press releases are Wind Song, Dark Spirit, Ransom Love, and Revenge. When she isn’t reading, writing or doing research, she enjoys making dream catchers, rock hounding, gold panning, crystal digging, rafting, fishing, canoeing, and spending time with her family.  She invites you to visit her website at




Laura and Aaron Palmer’s marriage is over, but they’ve got newly adopted daughter Amie to consider. If they split up now, young Amie could be taken away from them both forever. Life is complicated, but it takes a turn for the worse when Laura finds Amie’s picture listed in an ad for missing and abducted children. But are the people who claim to be Amie’s biological parents really what they seem, or is something more sinister at play? Alienated emotionally from each other, and paralyzed with fear, can Laura and Aaron find a way to save their marriage and protect their adopted daughter?




“She looks close to frozen already. Damn it, Black Angel, this isn’t right,” the man with a deep voice said. “I went along with some of your ideas, I admit that, but this is going too far.”

“Man, you ain’t got any idea what too far is. Try spending a few years with some good old boys in the slammer, then ya know what’s too far. ‘Sides, these folks know too much. Either they or you go down. What do ya prefer?”

Laura slowly opened her eyes to a narrow slit. She studied the rugged, thin, almost wolfish face of the man called Black Angel. She was surprised that he had pale skin and white hair. He was of brute stature and if she had to guess, at least six feet six inches tall. His black leather jacket and boots encrusted with silver studs made her think of a biker. She quickly figured it out: he was black-hearted and white like an angel. He was the kind of man who made his own rules and went his own way, the hell with everyone else.

“By the time they’re found, they won’t be tellin’ nothin’ to nobody.” Black Angel kicked the ground with his boot tip.

French Tickler (Naughty Ladies of Nice Series)                     Sloane Taylor


Contemporary Erotica



13,400 words                          $3.95                           Heat Level:  4 Flames




Sloane Taylor is a sensual woman who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everyday lives, which carry over into her books. Her stories are set in Europe, where the men are all male and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. A true romantic, the women Sloane writes will bring more than lust to their men’s lives.


Born and raised in Chicago, Sloane and Studly, her mate for life, split their time between a home in Illinois and a weekend cottage on the back roads of Indiana…Or you can catch up with her as she travels though Europe, researching new material.


French Tickler is Sloane’s ninth published novel.


Please visit her at or





Lingerie designer Samantha Bradley is on the brink of major success. While having the time of her life in Nice she meets sexy Cisco Bernier, a man who turns her heart inside out and makes her body sizzle.


Despite being France’s key criminal prosecutor, Cisco’s success in relationships has been less than zero. When he meets Sam, his staid world goes up in flames.


But their happiness is short lived when his underhanded mother and her mob-connected father resurface to threaten their future. Can Samantha and Cisco find a way to make their passion for one another burn fiercer than the scorn of their meddling parents? Find out in this sexy new addition to the Naughty Ladies of Nice.




“Do you not think her nipples are larger?” Cisco pointed to the charcoal nude on the young woman’s sketchpad with one hand while shading his eyes from the welcome winter sun with the other. He looked across the coastline toward the subject in question as the middle-aged woman stooped and spread a towel across the slick pebbles. “Certainement, they are darker.”

“Perhaps, but it’s really hard to tell at this angle.” The artist swiped her ring-clad thumb along a black line, softening the bold stroke, and laughed. “Besides, she won’t sit still long enough for me to get it right.”

She tossed her long black hair across her bare shoulders, and a light honey scent drifted up to him, clouding his mind.

Cisco yanked his tie from around his neck, grateful for the light breeze off the Mediterranean that cooled his hot skin. Now if it would only do something for his aching cock.

“Maybe if you…” He slipped the thin stick from her long fingers, feeling a jolt of electricity at the light contact, then squiggled a larger, more intricate circle on the wheat-colored paper. “Something like that.”

“Are you an artist?” She glanced up. Her large green eyes reminded him of polished emeralds, sharp and clear, and just as exciting. At that moment, he would be anything the beautiful Américaine wanted him to be.

Museums Are Murder: A Short Tali Cates Mystery            Carol Shenold


Paranormal Mystery



11,085 words              $3.95                           Heat Level:  3 Flames




Carol Shenold is a freelance writer and teacher who has had multiple nonfiction articles, books and short fiction published over the years, including textbooks on Infection Control topics. Currently she has two Tali Cates novels, Privy to Murder and Bloody Murder, and a paranormal novella, Fairy Dust, out with Eternal Press, and other works in progress. She blogs regularly at She invites you to visit her website at and friend her at




When Tali agrees to help her friends with the Love County Museum opening, she is expecting a pleasant time with familiar facesjust maybe not as familiar as her former lover, Aiden Courtland. To add to her worries, there has also been a murder. Things start to really heat up when Aiden reveals that a demon wants to cart Tali away to another worldpermanently. Now she must face her own powers as well as a were wolf and a demon in order to keep her family safe.




“The Dark Lord knows. He wants to use you for his own gain.”

“Who the hell is this Dark Lord you keep prattling on about?” Even in the dark I knew his expression was pure impatience.

“He’s one of the lords of the underworld, the dimension humans always refer to as hell. He’s a minor demon without much power of his own, compared to some of the others.” He raised an eyebrow. “If he could control access to the ley lines, he could rule an area and charge a toll for use of the power.”

“Like Texas Power and Light?”

“Simplistic, but yes.”

“Even if I believe this demon from hell needs me to control the magic power, what am I supposed to do now? And what is he going to do with me?”

“There are rumors that someone is acting as a conduit for him. The Dark Lord can’t come on his own, but if someone with power calls him by name, Azogareptzen, he can come to this dimension and potentially carry you off to his world, where he would have power over you and could make you do his bidding. He would come at you through those you love.”

“This…this Azo can simply show up from some other dimension and haul me off to hell to be his slave forever and there’s nothing I can do?”

Okay, that came out more high pitched and panicky than I’d planned.

“It’s why I’m here, Tali. To protect you, show you how to find and tap into power you can use to protect yourself.”

“Well, shit. It was bad enough when I realized everything from vampires to werewolves were real. And now you’re telling me I have to learn to use the essence of magic power to protect myself from the unseen things I thought were superstition? That’s got to be the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever heard.”


Lot 62: An Esther May Morrow Mystery                  Arthur Everest





8,700 words                $3.50                           Heat Level:  3 Flames




Arthur Everest is the imaginative author of the Esther May Morrow series. He enjoys building tales of time travel and the paranormal from compelling, often deeply personal, central ideas. He currently lives in northwest England.




Julie Blalock is approaching thirty and has an unfulfilling job with an accountancy firm. But she also has a secret—she was once an MI6 Agent. A personal tragedy forced her to quit eight years ago, but a chance offer to return for a one-time op is tootempting to ignore. Her mission: to pose as a rich socialite at Sotheby’s, to gain critical intelligence during the most anticipated high-class auction of the year—Esther May Morrow’s sale of antique treasures, featuring Lot 62, a prize that has even the Ministry of Defence worried. What secrets will Julie discover on her impromptu return to espionage?




“Anything else I should know?”

Northam replied, “Entwistle’s got a few final details. Just a sec.”

Maggie expertly applied cherry lipstick and a smidgeon of smoky eye-shadow. Next, elbow-length black gloves matched the dress and fit comfortably. Rich suede high heels—black, from Audley’s in London—also fit first time. Julie suddenly remembered the Service still had all her sizes from eight years ago. It made her realise how little she missed her privacy; a few days back, if someone in accounting had handed her a profile of her vital statistics, she’d have filed for breach of confidentiality. Now, even though they had her butt under close scrutiny and her breasts spilling out for all the world to see, Julie simply nodded. She had her second skin. And it was tough. The Service had given her that.



Review: None yet

Feels Like Old Times                             Brady S. Sutton



Erotic Romance


5,150 words                $2.50                           Heat Level:  4 Flames





Brady Sutton is not 61, is not a teacher, is not a widower and has never been seduced by a rich attractive widow. He writes erotica and erotic romance because he delights in sex and knows it is on the minds of most people most of the time. He also knows sex should be fun, which is why many of his stories are, he hopes, humorous. He has started many blogs and then forgotten about them. He intends to start another and a website, soon. Living alone.




Feeling old. Lamenting your missing libido. But oh-so-much-more: missing the only woman you ever loved.

This is Christmas for Harry Bates. Until he meets Carla Long, a widow who refuses to hide her lust for life and loveand Harry Bates.

When Carla declares her desires, Harry realizes he wants this woman…in every way. But one question makes him hesitate: What would his late wife, Maria, say?




Sometimes he hated his wife for dying on him. But always he missed her.

He often recalled sitting across the room, admiring as he stared at her. She would look up, blush, and wave him away. But he knew she’d loved it. Her laughter had been like chimes in a breeze. She had smelled like fresh air and tasted like dessert. In public she’d been modest and proper, but in private…God, he missed her.

She’d had a special way of letting him know she wanted him. “Please give it to me, Harry,” she’d murmur against his ear. Every time, her soft breath had aroused him, made his mouth water and his body hunger for hers.



Donnie Dare                                              Dee Kirk



Erotic Humor


21,900 words              $4.50                           Heat Level:  5 Flames




Dee Kirk is an award-winning writer, humorist, and bon vivant from America’s heartland. He is the author of two historical novels and numerous short stories that range from crime drama to political satire.




When sultry Donnie Dare discovers an old friend has been ruined by unscrupulous lawyers, she feels compelled to act. With the aid of a seedy private detective and some old friends from the adult film world, Donnie’s quest for justice leads her on a hilarious romp through the bedrooms of the rich and powerful.





Orgasm, whether self-induced or shared with others, is my life elixir, my magic fountain of happiness and well-being. There’s no better preventive medicine than an active and satisfying sex life and the big O will cure almost anything that ails you. I believe this as strongly as some folks believe in virgin birth. And I’ve got more proof than they have.



Lizzie’s Listening                                     Mackenzie Drew





5,330 words                $2.50                           Heat Level:  1 Flames





Mackenzie Drew is multi-published author, who loves to write horror/paranormal stories. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family, going to church and shopping. She also loves to sing and decorate.


To learn more about her and read about her latest stories, visit her website at:




Eleven year old, Lizzie Harper is a family’s worst nightmare. She is a compulsive killer and nothing short of a demon child.
When Rachael Barter applies for a housekeeping job and is hired, little does she realize she will eventually assume the role of surrogate mother to an evil child that has the same traits as Satan, himself…





“Lizzie…you come out here this instant or I’ll go get your mother,” she yelled as she approached the white gate enclosing the cemetery. A distant noise startled her. She gripped the fence and stood wide-eyed. “This isn’t funny, young lady. You don’t scare me in the slightest.”

Of course, Lizzie did scare the hell out of her. Lizzie was a warped young soul, but none of it had to do with Rachael’s care. She taught her right, with morals and values; to respect others. Well…at least she thought she did.

“Misssssss Barter.” Lizzie poked Rachael on the back, causing her to leap forward.

She jerked around, her hand across her chest. “Where have you been? And where’s Piper?”


Eternal Press’s August Releases!

Eternal Press is excited to announce seven sizzling new titles
released this month. We invite you to join us for our launch party on
August 7th over at our Reader’s email group. Here’s the link: We’re partying all
day so come chat with our authors; you might win some free stuff!

Sneak peak at the August 2008 releases:

Ransom Love by Rita Karnopp
Isbn: 978-1-897559-26-0
Heat rating: 3 flames
1868 Indian Historical/Romance


Montana Territory–1868. After spending four years as a captive of the
Blackfeet, Jennie Proctor must decide whether to trust the handsome
white man who has come to rescue her, or spend the rest of her life a

Cody Larimer has one goal in life: to rescue captive women from
Indians. When he finds the beautiful and haunted Jennie Proctor, the
last thing he expects is for her to tell him to leave her with the

However, Jennie’s situation soon changes, and she and Cody must
struggle together if they wish to survive. Feelings of anger and
mistrust soon develop into mutual respect and love, leaving both of
them with something neither believed possible.


A’hwa Waki noticed the women were settling down on the grass just
beyond the cluster of cottonwoods, facing the ancient ceremonial site.
Laughs Behind Hand stood chatting with her mother, pointing in A’hwa
Waki’s direction.

Could they have noticed the white man in the tree? She felt her muscles tense.

A group of warriors, their faces painted black with red lightning
streaks, beat rhythmically on drums, chanting. Many women sang in
shrill harmonizing voices. The atmosphere was one of
anticipation…not fear.

No, A’hwa Waki finally decided, if the women had noticed the white
man, things would be in an uproar by now.

“Kai yiwahts, A’hwa Waki?” Mahkwoyi called out to her.

She glanced toward the warrior and found him watching her. His
expression asked what troubled her. If only he knew, she thought,
leaning against the cottonwood. If only he knew a white man sat above
her, wanting to take her away. A’hwa Waki smiled in an attempt to
appear relaxed. The handsome warrior standing within the white-painted
rock circle had become her confidante, her friend, her…soon-to-be
husband. Instincts warned her not to reveal the white man’s presence,
yet a nagging feeling of betrayal existed.

Wilderness by Sally Odgers
Isbn: 978-1-897559-27-7
Experimental Womens Fiction


Wilderness is where you find it. Miriam Moses fights her own private
wilderness by running for her life. Along the way, she encounters many
characters, all engaged in their own pains and problems. Death, blood,
tears and betrayal are rife, but even the darkest life is lit by hope.
From each encounter, Miriam takes what she needs and discards the
rest, but no one who meets her will ever be the same again. Especially
Harry Mercury. Wilderness is where you find it. Life is what you make
it. And Miriam Moses is running for her life.

Miriam Moses ran. She walked and ran right through the night, pausing
often to rest. As the dawn came, she was a long way from anywhere,
which isn’t difficult on the wild west coast. She sat down to rest,
chewing a strip of fruit leather. The bush was thick to the coastal
side, and on the inland side the gullies swooped away. Miriam watched
the daylight grow, and felt very tired. She wasn’t pacing herself
properly. Much more of this and she’d run herself to death before she
finished running for her life. And–she was still in Tasmania.

She watched the wilderness of trees, the steepness and the primitive
shape of the hills. The west coast–a bitter place in winter, but in
summer–it was not so bad. She was wearing a coat, but she’d take it
off when the sun came high. There was a boy by the side of the road.

Miriam blinked. He was wearing underpants and a PFD. His face was
dripping blood and his legs were… “What happened to you?” she asked.

Ghostly Menage by Alysha Ellis
Isbn: 978-1-897559-28-4
Heat rating: 5 flames
Erotic Ghost/Paranormal


Discover the delights of hard spirits.

Kelsie doesn’t believe in ghosts. So why is she camped out at her
elderly aunt Maud’s house to take part in an exorcism?

Maud hasn’t let a man in the house for forty years, which leaves
Kelsie at a loss to explain the smell of hot male and the most erotic
dreams of her life that overtake her the instant she arrives.

After one particularly tasty midnight encounter, Kelsie awakes to a
vision that is not hard to swallow at all: three gorgeous, naked and
very eager hunks standing at the end of her bed.

The good news is, they want to fulfill her every erotic fantasy. The
weird news is they’re ghosts!

Now it’s up to Kelsie to thwart the exorcist and secure a lifetime’s
supply of hard spirits.

The three men certainly were tapped in to her fantasies. Adam lounged
against the wall, all black leather and bad boy attitude. Benedict’s
long lean legs were covered in faded denim, complete with scuffed
cowboy boots and a faded stress patch to draw attention to his
magnificent package. Chad’s blond good looks morphed into divine
beauty when set against the severity of the formal black and white of
his tuxedo.

Kelsie looked and evaluated. “You know, I’ve got to say, I never
realized just how much my fantasies had embraced the whole romantic
cliché. Still, I suppose it’s because those images are so attractive
that they become clichés in the first place. I think the only thing
I’m missing here is the kilt clad Highland warrior.”

Adam’s leathers began to go blurry and look a little wooly. “I can change.”

Rise of the Wolf by Kat Duarte
Isbn: 978-1-897559-29-1
Heat rating: 3 flames


City girl Hilary Samuels has no idea Murphy’s Law will kick into high
gear the first night of the Hunters’ Moon. One country road, a flat
tire and a skid into a cornfield later, and Hilary finds herself
face-to-fang with a seductive vampire. Add to that one super-sized
wolf who challenges her attacker and you’ve got one weird night out.

Anyone else would retreat to the more conventional hazards of urban
life, but Hilary moved to McKenna with an agenda. If she can
successfully run the small town’s Café Lotti, her promotion to
managing one of the hippest cafes in Chicago is in the bag.

But how to build a customer base when stalked by the undead? Not to
mention the hunky head of the company turning out to have some steamy
supernatural secrets of his own! Will Hilary join forces with her new
and powerful ally, or will their entanglement rip her world apart?

But why should you wait? Your skin in the moonlight looks as soft and
radiant as a pearl. Do you not yearn to be caressed?

She would have sworn his lips didn’t move. His voice was so gentle,
warm, sensuous and intimate, as though he were inside her thoughts,
her soul.

Then somehow, without moving, he had covered the space between them
and stood next to her, pressed against her, leaning over her. His soft
hair tickled her cheek. His breath whispered across her lips as he
parted them with a flick of his hot tongue. The kiss was light, soft,
then firmer and deeper, the deft movement filling her with the promise
of such delights to come that her knees actually began to give way. He
caught her, one of his arms bracing her at the deepest curve of her
back, the other wrapped so that he cradled her neck in the palm of his

Love Unexpected by Gwynn Morgan
Isbn: 978-1-897559-30-7
Heat rating: 1 flame


When airline hostess Kate befriends a lonely child, she little dreams
of the reward that will come her way. She soon learns that a good deed
can bring unexpected surprises in the form of a love she never dared
hope to find.

Janelle is determined to rescue her infant neice from the child’s
abusive father when her sister dies under doubious circumstances. A
potential tragedy with a broken down car in a remote area brings an
unexepcted result when she is rescued by a cowboy with a car seat!

Glimpsing blurred motion out of the corners of her eyes, she glanced
up to see a pickup, several years old and a bit the worse for wear.
Mud encrusted the bed and rusty spots marred the once bright metallic
green paint.

“What’s the problem, Ma’am? Need some help?”

With the mid-afternoon sun in her eyes and reflecting off the glass
and chrome of both vehicles, she couldn’t see much about the driver
except he wore a broad brimmed hat and a bright striped shirt.

“I’m not sure,” she admitted. “My car just suddenly stopped. I mean,
the engine runs and all but it won’t move.”

“Let me take a look,” the man said. He pulled up in front of her car,
parked the pickup, and got out.

Wow, Jan thought. He’s tall. He was also broad shouldered, and moved
with an easy loose-hipped gait. He stopped to glance under the raised
hood, gave a twitch or two to some of the wires and asked her to start
it again. The results were still the same. He pushed his hat back and
scratched his head for a moment. Then he gave her a crooked grin.

Psychic Passions by Ally Robertson
Isbn: 978-1-897559-23-9
Heat rating: 5 flames
Paranormal Erotic Romance


Caprice Hutchins and Cassidy Cornwall are both empaths and artists
struggling to survive with their own distinct mental illnesses.
Together they will fight for their lives and sanity to find and keep
each other’s souls. They will be reborn through death and time to
achieve a deep psychic connection, filled with desire, passion,
obsession and unconditional love.


Feeling Caprice in distress made him want to comfort her, but when she
snapped at him and lashed out with her frustration, he couldn’t bear
her suffering anymore. He’d taken her out to the park that day to tell
her all the reasons why she wouldn’t want him. To his surprise, he
couldn’t resist her need any longer. His own need had driven him to
kiss her. Feeling the way she responded to him had hit him like a
train wreck. He’d have made love to her right there if it hadn’t been
for Odessa’s interruption.

Afterwards, when he’d held Caprice as she sobbed in his arms, he’d
felt her true feelings come flooding to the surface. He knew then he
couldn’t deny her anymore. He hated that she hurt. He wanted to keep
her safe. But he was also terrified at the prospect that he could fall
in love with her. He’d felt so conflicted. Finally, Cassidy realized
that it didn’t matter anymore. Why was he denying himself love when
that’s all he’d desired to truly have for so long.

Wanton Wenches by Rhiannon Arivon
Isbn: 978-1-897559-35-2
Heat rating: 5 flames
Erotica, BDSM, 2 Book Anthology


What do you get when you cross a sexy, strong-willed redhead, a
devilish bartender and a tab that needs to be paid? How about a
beautiful but naughty minx who finds out just how much fun punishment
can really be?

These are two sizzling tales you will not want to miss!


Bar Tab:

It took a bit of struggling, but I managed to stand up and hop turn
myself around to face him.

He looked up with a bit of surprise on his face, and then with a smile
he grabbed my arms. “So, still got some struggle in you, eh?”

I looked up at him with a mixture of defiance and fear, and then I
felt the mischievous brat in me rear up. I swayed back and forth and
struggled to break his grip on my arms.

He laughed, keeping me easily in his strong grip. He turned the chair
around, pulled me down onto my knees, and then forced my head onto the
seat of the chair. He moved my hair and strapped my neck down to the
seat of the chair with another belt.

Well, I’m not getting up from this position, I thought to myself.

My Lord Says:

“Do you understand the rules, slave?”

I shiver at the warmth of His breath moving across my ear and neck and
quickly mutter, “Yes, My Lord.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear that.” He stands back up and the
leather handle of the leash lands with a sting across my right

I yelp in surprised pain. “Yes, My Lord, I understand the rules!”

“Wonderful. Then let’s begin, shall we?” He moves back to the couch
and sits down in front of me. He leans close to me and presents the
leash handle in front of my lips. I open my mouth and feel the handle
as it slides into my open cavity. I close my lips and wait for the
game to begin.

Kim Richards
Marketing Manger
Eternal Press