An Early Look at Eternal Press’s July lineup!

On July 7th 2010, Eternal Press is releasing one Short Story, one Novella and six Novels.  An online Launch Party will be held in the Eternal Press Chat Room beginning at 4PM and ending at 8:30 PM MDT.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to drop by for a visit with the authors.
The Shorts include Winning, a magical tale by Cate Masters, a novella, and The Redemption of a Scoundrel, an erotic, humor, romance by Christopher C. Newman.
Yolanda Sfetsos wrote Shade of Grey, a sci-fi romance.  Why My Love by Laura Hogg is a fantasy romance.  Amy Ruttan wrote  wrote a fantasy romance entitled  Enemy Enchantress.  Wendy Stone has a new title, a paranormal romance called A Love Like No Other.  Waking Echoes is a young adult novel by Donaya Hammond and The Cattleman’s Runaway Bride by Karly Blakemore-Mowle is a romance.
Let us welcome the new titles and send big cheers and virtual party balloons to our Eternal Press Authors. 
The chat schedule will be posted soon.  The authors of the July titles are welcome to post a blurb or two about their new release.  
Have an awesome weekend.

Bringing Quality Affordable Fiction to your Fingertips.

Sally Franklin Christie – Marketing Manager (PR)


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