God help our country!


3 thoughts on “God help our country!

  1. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

  2. The good reverend repeatedly states that religious discourse in the public square is being quashed . . . no one prohibited such discourse, just the military fly-over of a religious event.

    If he doesn’t wish to make accusations before his freedom of information request, why is he on Fox making accusations? Why is tax money being used to salute (the purpose of a flyover) a “God and Country” rally? I don’t recall any such flyovers over Hindu or Wiccan rallies . . .

    • The fly-over is not the issue here..the issue is the fact that he is inciting a riot by his very words.

      If the gov’t doesnt support any rally that is for our country, regardeless of religion, race or creed, then what do they support?

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