New Paranormal Blog!

Hello Readers of EP!

I’m ecstatic to announce the launch of The Paranormal Blog.
Join us in the realm of the supernatural, where we’ll be discussing our new and old EP Paranormal Releases, our views and the worlds we’ve created.
In the Months of July, August and September there will be Open Posting, where Eternal Press Authors will be choosing their own topics for you to enjoy. Beginning in October, there will be a set topic, the opening: Halloween.
Included within the Blog are also Bios and the Link List to find some of your favourite Author’s websites, and places to buy their books! Feel free to drop in and leave a comment. What do you like about the World of Paranormal? We would like to know.
Please see below for what we already have, but keep checking back, because we aren’t done yet. There will be more posted from our fabulous Authors!
http://www.kaydenmc leodparanormal. blogspot. com/
Until Next Time…..
Kayden McLeod


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