Writing what you know…

Any writer who has been around has heard this piece of advice. So, what does it really mean? Well, let’s explore…

Writing what you know can mean several things. First, there is writing what you have personally experienced. This does not necessarily mean writing your memoirs or a biography. This could mean basing a fiction story on your experiences or even writing a fiction story in a setting you know well.

This could also be taken to mean, know what you write. In other words, research, research, research. Make sure of the facts. Yes, there are still facts to be dealt with when writing fiction. Say you wanted to write a story about a mythological creature. Let’s say the unicorn. Well, we all know that there is a wealth of fables and mythologies about unicorns. So, if you wanted to write about them, first, you need to read about them. It’s that simple. Take notes as you read and keep your research organized either in your computer or in a file cabinet. This way, it is easy to double check while writing your story.

So, keep on writng and be sure to write what you know…or know what you write!



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