Eternal Press’s November Release Lineup!

November 2008 Releases

Jazz Hands
by Eric Erato
edited by: Ellen Tevault
cover art by Shirley Burnett
ISBN: 978-1-897559-75-8
heat rating: 5 flames


A tall and handsome jazzman is intrigued by the proposal of his elegant female fan: she will do anything he asks, no matter how degrading. As these two musicians mine the depths of their own darkness and sensual brutality, they begin to realize how much their basest needs complement each other. Public sexual displays, dangerous encounters, bizarre bondage, fetish wear, and total submission mark their descent into the depths of passion.


“Show me how you touched yourself here in the club while I was playing.” I expected her to balk and to exit the conversation.

We were at the front of a lighted room, having not yet reached the dark hallway to the exit. But she looked deeply into my eyes, nearly making me catch my breath, then cast her glance at the floor as she stood before me, sliding both hands from different directions. The right slipped down her stomach and the left brushed across her substantial thighs as they slightly parted. With short but perfectly kept nails, she teased her thighs and pelvis before pushing two fingers harder across her pussy from outside her dress.

“No,” I told her harshly. “Really touch it if you feel that way. The dress just masks the depth of your desire.” She looked up at me and held my cruel gaze. A half smile curled my lip. Her face betrayed no emotion but comfortable resignation as she dropped her hands to her side and began to steadily hike up the lower portion of the graceful black dress. She did not look apprehensively at the audience. It was as if only the two of us occupied the entire room.

People nearest to the right side of the stage had begun to notice us, but I did not tell her to stop. I did not move my body to block their view, although it would have been easy to do. Unconsciously, I moved half a step closer to her, smelling the expensive floral perfume tastefully pressed on her neck and breast, and as she raised the dress above her thighs, I smelled her lovely personal musk.

She never hesitated.

by Janet Elizabeth Jones
edited by Stephanie Parent
cover art by Dawne’ Dominique
ISBN: 978-1-897559-74-1
Paranormal/Romance/Vampire, 90,000 words
heat rating: 3 flames


For twenty-five years, vampire Ellory Benedikt has resisted a psychic compulsion to return to the beach in Maine where his mortal life ended. Now he can no longer resist. He is appalled to find the source of the summons is a mere human unaware of her power over him.

Talisen Davies’ only goal is to discover the fate of her hero, eighteenth-century sea captain Ellory Benedikt, who disappeared after his marriage to her distant ancestor. His story is the missing chapter in her late grandmother’s labor of love, the family history.

With the New England vampires challenging his right to reclaim his territory, Ellory doesn’t need a human poking into his past. But Talisen’s broken heart depends on knowing what happened to her beloved captain. Ellory longs to be that man, but regrets the price she must pay to learn the truth–that her captain is alive, and a vampire.


She pressed her mouth against his ear. “Drink from me.”

He groaned against her, nuzzled her throat hard, lapped at it with his tongue until she pleaded. The pierce of his fangs and the rush of her life-giving blood pouring into him cast her over the edge into pure joy.

For sacred seconds their souls danced like their bodies did. One forever. Inseparable for all time. She heard his soundless declaration of love in her mind, felt it in every move of his body.

You are my wide, warm ocean of mystery. My safe harbor. My copper-coin moon rising to light my way, brighter than a thousand suns. Your love is my sustenance, stronger than a river of blood, all that my light-deprived soul thirsts for.

I haven’t the words to tell you how much I treasure what you’ve given me tonight.

by Tessa Buxton
edited by Diana Rubino
cover art by Dawne’ Dominique
ISBN: 978-1-897559-73-4
Fantasy/GBLT, 13,500 words
heat rating: 3 flames


When Ryan realizes his dream lover is real, he’s not sure who’s more embarrassed, him or the fairy he’s accidentally summoned.


The date with Darren had been better than disastrous, but only slightly. It was almost as if the entire universe had gathered to make sure it went wrong. The restaurant was hideously overbooked so they had to wait in the bar, Darren had been so nervous he’d messed up every order he had tried to make and instead of a virgin sea breeze, because he was driving, Ryan ended up with a sea breeze made with Virgin vodka, which he had to bring back.

When they had finally been seated, their conversation had gone past apologies into stilted conversation about work as they quickly realized that they had absolutely nothing in common, because Darren spent his spare time playing some computer game online and Ryan couldn’t even check his E-mail without help.

by Robert Appleton
edited by Lauren Gilbert
cover art by Dawne’ Dominique
ISBN: 978-1-897559-77-2
Science Fiction, 7,100 words
heat rating: 1 flame


It is the distant future. A giant exoskeleton built around the earth permits anyone who can pay the price, access to the solitude of a space booth—the ultimate place to stargaze, get laid, or just escape for a while…

Benjamin Umbize recently lost his family to a Namibian genocide while he was studying in England. All he wants is a little quiet time to himself, to research a legendary writer…whose suicide is said to haunt Room 328. Bianca Burnett is a famous pop starlet scheduled to meet her boyfriend for a hot tryst miles above the earth. She hides her sophistication beneath a prickly for-the-cameras persona. But tonight, in Room 328, a friendship will develop that no one saw coming, least of all the student and the diva—a friendship that might just change both their lives forever…


Through the automatic sliding doors, a narrow blue-carpeted corridor wound to the left. It smelled of fresh ink, or some strange detergent. Transparent panels, set at equidistant points along the ceiling offered staggering glimpses of the elevator shaft—a gargantuan tower that rose above the atmosphere itself.

“Anyone afraid of heights?” she muttered.

One of only thirty-two on the planet, the giant tower was over sixty years old. Project Dreamcatcher—an exoskeletal framework over Earth had recently been completed to the tune of many trillions of dollars. In terms of interstellar freight and logistics, the project was expected to save corporations many times that amount in the long term. The amount of fuel required to pull a shuttle free of the earth’s gravitational pull was prohibitive, especially when multiplied by tens of thousands of shuttles per year. Despite global opposition, the exoskeleton did constitute a sound long-term investment. Entire industries had emerged on the giant framework over the planet. A cooperative venture hitherto unprecedented in human history, the Dreamcatcher itself had required the exhaustive mining of eleven planets in neighbouring systems.

In the olden days, this would all be science-fiction, she thought. Too bad all I’m using it for is to get laid.

She adjusted her handbag strap on her shoulder and untangled the other two straps—one belonging to her black tank top, the other to her purple bra. Rummaging in the pocket of her denim skirt, she retrieved a stick of gum. Bland flavour. I wonder if it’ll last me to the top, she thought, glancing up to where the tower met the clouds in a vague, blue hue.

Trace Elements
by Bruce Cooke
edited by Lauren Gilbert
cover art by Shirley Burnett
ISBN: 978-1-897559-72-7
Suspense, 40,270 words
heat rating: 2 flames


Marine Biologist Trace Patterson has found a way to eliminate the crown of thorns starfish in order to save the Great Barrier Reef. So why would someone want him dead? Charles Edgely, a multi-millionaire, needs the coral to make a formula for Alzheimer’s that will earn billions for him. When Trace learns that his arch-enemy could in fact posses the treatment to cure his ailing father of Alzheimer’s, he is faced with a terrible choice. Murder, deceit and betrayal erupt as Trace faces the greatest challenge of his life.


Few establishments in Swordfish Bay owned powerful craft such as this. He could make out the silhouette of two men: one driving, the other standing. He recognised neither. Flames erupted from an object one seemed to be holding. The sound of continuous gunfire filled the air. Shit. He dived to the floor of the boat. Glass shattered and the hull splintered. A shower of timber fragments erupted inside the cabin, stinging his exposed skin.

Holes appeared in the cabin walls, and the thump of bullets striking forced his head lower. He heard the boat speed past. When he glanced up, he could see the boat turn to make another run. Again, gunfire whizzed around him, causing more damage.

Bastards! What’s their problem?

He braced himself for another onslaught. How the hell would he get out of this? He needed an escape before the boat came again. He had no time to don his wetsuit, but he could slip on his diving gear. He still had enough air to stay under for at least five more minutes.

He grabbed his tank, put his arms through the straps, and perched on the rail, ready to jump, when he looked down into the water. The large dorsal fin circled the craft. His four-metre nightmare was back.

Song Of The Mountains
by Anne Ireland
Historical Saga/Romance, 113,900 words
cover art by Shirley Burnett
edited by Pam Slade
heat rating: 2 flames


Song of the Mountains is a passion infused and turbulent story of a man’s battle against the odds. It is Morgan’s duty to help the Prince of Wales in his fight against oppressive England. But when Morgan is tricked into a marriage he cannot honour, he finds himself desperately in love with the wife of another man. Now as loyalty to his leader and the conflicts in his heart collide, can anything save Morgan and the nation he loves beyond his life?


Seeking out the source of the noise, which seemed unnaturally loud in the stillness of her idyll, she saw that two young men had dived into the river from the opposite bank. A third man stood on the bank waiting for them, keeping watching over their horses. She thought from his dress he was a servant, but could not tell his identity or of the men in the water.

They were swimming towards her, racing each other and calling out excitedly in the way young men will, reminding Morwenna of her young brothers who sometimes swam in the lake near her home at Bala. As they came nearer, she saw their shoulders were naked and realised they must have removed much of their clothing before plunging into the water. One of them had reached the bank a short distance from where she was sitting. He had not seen her because of the reed bed that partially obscured her and them.

She had a clear view of the man, who hauled himself from the river and stood shaking his long hair like a hound, the droplets sparkling in the sunshine as they flew around him. He was completely naked; his strong, muscled body open to her curious gaze as he stood laughing at his friend, clearly unashamed of his unclothed state and pleased to have won his race. He was beautiful! Morwenna drank in the sight of his power and grace. The colour of his skin seeming to indicate this was not the first time it had been exposed to the elements, gleaming wetly like pale copper in the sun’s rays. She could not draw her eyes away for she had never seen a man thus, nor such a well formed man at any time. And then his friend shouted a warning, pointing in her direction from where he trod water in mid river, and the young god on the bank turned his head to look at her.

No Dungeon So Dark
by Sam Kepfield
edited by Lisa Logan
cover art by Ally Robertson
Coffee Break Short
ISBN: 978-1-897559-76-5
Science Fiction, 5,800 words
heat rating: 1 flame


By the end of the 21st century, the frontier in space was no different than the American frontier two centuries earlier. Both were places of refuge, a big emptiness into which one could disappear.

SSgt. Jon Larson had grown tired of a culture that placed physical perfection—natural or enhanced with nanosurgery—above all else. Beauty was more than skin deep–no matter how much surgery and enhancement went into that skin. While on leave on a small frontier planet, he found Giselle—smart and literate, with arresting looks. Giselle carried scars, which caused her to run from intimacy…and Jon to run after her. Could he catch her, and would she agree to be caught?


“No. You kept those so no one would ever love you for your looks again.” I reached out, put a finger on her chin and made to turn her face to me. She resisted at first, but wound up looking at me. “It’s a shame, because you’re beautiful. Even with these,” I said, tracing a finger along the long scar from her ear to her mouth.

She flinched, but I moved her face back. “Perfection isn’t beauty. It’s dull.” Dozens of faces on bar girls flashed, all of them enhanced, just like the boobs and bellies and butts. “Imperfection can captivate. What would the Venus de Milo be with arms?”

by Rita Karnopp
edited by Lauren Gilbert and Diana Rubino
cover art by Ally Robertson
ISBN: 978-1-897559-71-0
Romantic Suspense, 100,850 words
heat rating: 2 flames


Abi and her newborn daughter Kelly are in trouble. Someone has made repeated attempts on their life, and her sister Chyna thinks she knows exactly who: Trevor Madden, Abi’s husband. Once the perfect couple, Trevor has turned violent and abusive. Who is he mixed up with and why does he want to get rid of his wife and baby daughter? Abi takes Kelly and flees into the icy wilderness with the handsome and kind Police Officer, Miles Sandler. But with Trevor hot on their trail and Chyna getting dangerously close to the truth, will any of them come out of this alive?


Chyna landed hard. The shock of discovery hit her full force when Trevor slammed the truck door shut. “I’ll get you for this,” she shouted at him through the open window. “See you in hell!”

She pulled herself upright in time to see him push the front fender of the truck. She dived for the door, but momentum sent her hard against the front window. Her forehead ached and the sound of cracking glass filled her with fear.

She turned and glared through the open driver’s side window and found herself shrinking from the cold gray, almost lifeless eyes that stared back at her. She hated the smirk on Trevor’s face. Scraping sounds of metal against tree bark caused her to cringe. The vehicle slid from the tree, and began a downward slide.

She swore she heard Trevor laugh. She couldn’t see anything but a black abyss. The vehicle picked up speed as it continued to skim the grassy embankment. She found herself suddenly tossed to the roof. The truck rolled, slamming her head against the dashboard, jamming her shoulder. A stabbing pain tore at her leg. “God, help me,” she cried out loud. “I’ll do whatever it takes, but please don’t let me die. I have to be there for Abi and Kelly.”

The vehicle slid to a stop. Chyna drew in a breath. In her foggy state something or someone warned her to concentrate, to be aware. She drew in a breath and smelled gasoline. A new fear gripped her senses.

Chyna tried to scream but no sound came, only a low, disbelieving moan escaped her lips.

“God, don’t let me burn alive! Abi…Kelly…” She whispered. “I’m so sorry….”

For the Love of Food
Made with love from EP’s Staff and Authors
Cook Book, 5,000 words
75% of proceeds will be donated to
“Action Against Hunger”


These recipes were donated by the various staff members and authors here at Eternal Press. When we asked for ideas to help celebrate our 1st year anniversary the decision was made to make a collaboration of great recipes that our staff and authors enjoyed the most. Because the book is meant to feed people we thought we would take that literally and donate 75% of the proceeds to feed the hungry who cannot afford such luxurious meals.

Inside this sixty-page cook book you will find full colour illustrations to make your mouth water as you cook, easy to follow recipes and a whole lot of love.

Recipes contributed by:

Moss Bliss
Candace Clayton
Erin Cramer
Lauren Gilbert
Laura Hebertson
Rita Karnopp
Toni Kelly
Jan McDaniel
Kim McDougall
Sally Odgers
Kim Richards
Jean Roberta
Ally Robertson
Tabitha Shay
Ginger Simpson
Fran Tann
Sloane Taylor
$2.95 CA Full colour PDF


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