Editorial Staff Opening

Are you looking for some fun work you can do from home? Do you have editing experience that could be put to good use? If so, Eternal Press wants to hear from you. Eternal Press is a fast growing e-publisher of quality books. Now in its second year, EP has made a name for itself within the e-publishing world as a friendly, professional and fun place to work.

If you have intermediate editing skills and at least one year of previous editing experience, please send your resume and cover letter for immediate consideration to: sreditoreternalpress@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and get “a foot in the door” with one of the industry’s fastest growing e-publishers.

Where to find inexpensive writing courses online

Where to find inexpensive writing courses online

We have all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” However, this is not always the case. There are many websites that offer free or inexpensive writing courses and there are a few that I have experienced personally.

http://www.writing.com is a free online writing community. If you are a member there, be sure you check out the A1 Writing academy. The courses only cost the points you earn by reading the work of the other members and they have scholarships available for new members.

The Muse Online Writing Conference. This is an annual weeklong online writing conference. It is absolutely free. The conference takes place in October of each year and registration closes at the first of September. So, registration for this year has already closed, but I highly recommend looking it up and bookmarking the site for next year. It is the best experience available on the internet for new writers.

http://www.writer2writer.com/courses.htm Another great site is writer2writer.com. This site is full of great information for the person learning the writing craft. They are currently offering several free courses. These free courses include such titles as;
Writing for Profit: Break into Magazines
Outside the Square Fiction Workshop
Ebook Marketing Secrets Course
Short Story Writing Workshop
5 Part Copywriting Course

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a program they call MIT OpenCourseWare. This program enables students to receive the benefit of professional instruction at no cost. They include several writing classes in the mix of free courses they offer.

Open University offers this fiction writing class free of charge, along with several other writing courses: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=2748

There are many free online writing courses. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I really see no reason whatsoever to have to pay for writing classes when there is an unlimited supply of help out there for little or no cost. The only course I have ever paid a large sum of money for was The Winghill Writing Course. In all honesty, it is not one I would recommend. I feel like they did not live up to the promises made to me at the beginning of the course. Yes, upon completion of the course you do receive a certificate, but the cost far exceeded the pleasure of the certificate. On a positive note, I met many new writers from all over the world during the course and now count many of them among my friends. So, I don’t consider the course a complete waste of the money I paid for it.

These are all great sites and they all contain a wealth of information that will help the struggling writer. I would also recommend joining a few online writer groups. There are several great Yahoo groups and Google groups. Just do not go overboard and join too many or you will spend all your time answering email and not getting any writing done. However; in moderation, a good support group will be better than any writing class out there.

Why women buy so many shoes.

Shoes, glorious shoes! Flat ones, tall ones, narrow ones, spiky ones. Black ones, red ones, pink ones, blue ones, every color in the rainbow and then some! The possibilities are almost limitless.
With such a wide variety available to us as women, is it any wonder we are addicted to the purchase of new shoes? Picture it:

Walls lined with shelves full of colorful little boxes and tables spilling over with their delightful offerings. The smell of leather and lace in the air. Helpful sales people tripping over each other to help you pick just the right pair of shoes, ready to wait on your every whim. Ah, the shoe store; a woman’s best friend. The beautiful site of sale signs posted on every available wall space. Shoes nestled in their tissue wrappings, waiting in their little boxes for some lucky person to try them on, gaze lovingly at them in the mirror and then carry them home to complete the perfect outfit.

Seriously, shoes can soothe a troubled heart. Ease an aching head or thrill a tired soul. Am I over embellishing? I don’t think so. There are many things in our lives that we cannot control or change. Shoes offer us an opportunity to take back that control and make changes in our everyday lives. Tired of the same old things, day in and day out? Despairing of the routines and ruts, you find yourself stuck in, go out right now and buy yourself a new pair of shoes! New shoes can spice up the most boring of outfits and put a sparkle back in your eyes, catch the eye of that special someone in your life. Can you honestly say that you do not feel better after trying on 30 pairs of new shoes and picking the two or three pairs that you really like and taking them home with you? Tell the truth.

Does your significant other tell you that you have too many shoes or roll their eyes when you bring home a new pair? Don’t worry about that! They just don’t understand. My loving husband thought he could tell me to stop buying shoes. Silly man! What he does not know will not hurt him. I once hid a new pair of boots in the trunk of the car for three weeks before he finally saw them! Not that I condone lying to your spouse. I am just lucky that my darling hubby is very unobservant!

Let us face facts. Everyone has his or her own little faults and personal indulgences. Shoes are one of mine. I have absolutely no problem admitting it; this is part of what makes me the fabulous woman that I am! Do I feel that having more than five pairs of shoes is wrong? Heck no! Women and shoes, unite! No longer will we let spouses, checkbooks, or dishes stand in the way of our love for one another!

Come on, say it with me, “My name is (fill in the blank) and I am addicted to shoes and I love it!”