Writing Tip For May 16, 2008

Today’s Tip:

Never post your work online if you wish to get it published! Most publishers consider work posted on your blog,  or other sites, as work that has already been published. It makes it harder to get into the already difficult to enter, world of publishing.

Also, always check out the publisher’s submission guidelines before submitting. Why go through all the trouble of submitting, only to have your work thrown out without even being read?

Most important of all, Keep On Writing!


3 thoughts on “Writing Tip For May 16, 2008

  1. I really didn’t know that publishers consider work put on blogs and online as already having been published. I guess it makes sense, though… I guess I’ll have to take down the work I have posted elsewhere if I want to get it published, now. >.>;;

  2. OH NO!!! please tell me this isn’t true – or that it is only for some publishers?!!?!? I love how a blog has helped me to center myself and focus on my writing. I would really hate to take it down because a few publishers don’t publish work that’s been on a blog…

  3. Its okay Kirsten! Not ALL publishers reject for publishing online, just most. Do Not take down your site! An authors website is very important for promoting and building a following of readers. Just be careful not to give too much away!

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