Why I write

Why I Write:


I sit here looking at the title to this essay and ponder. Why do I write? Do I write for the enlightenment of others? Do I write because I have something of supreme importance to share with the world? Perhaps, I write so that other’s may understand the wonderfulness that is me.

Heck, no, I write because I must! I have a confession to make: I love words. Long words, short words, popular words, new words and old words. I love them all. I even read the dictionary to learn new words. So, why do I write? I write to make use of all the glorious words I have harbored in my mind.

You see, the downfall of my love affair with words, is that they fill up my mind and threaten to flow out my mouth at odd times. Unfortunately, most people do not talk the way I write, so they do not always appreciate the flexing of my mental muscles as much as I enjoy it.

In consequence, I must write. I need an outlet for the cornucopia of words floating around in my head and nothing soothes my mind like putting pen to paper. More recently, this has turned to putting fingers to keyboard, but the outcome is the same.

The advent of the blogging community has only increased my love of the written word. I find myself starting new blogs and joining so many online writers’ communities that I have barely left myself any time for writing. I spend more time reading and answering emails, than I actually do writing. A pitfall I must learn to watch out for in future.

So, in essence, I write because I must. Whether someone else reads it or not doesn’t matter. I just enjoy putting the words together to form someting new!


6 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Thank you, THANK YOU!!!! I try to explain to friends, family, strangers, everyone, why I feel that I absolutely must write. I have never been able to explain it as clearly and eloquently as you did in this post. I am definitely going to direct everyone to this post when they ask me why i write!

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  3. Have words, will write:)

    Excellent reasons here!

  4. Writing, the most effective therapy!

  5. That’s very eloquently put! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Very eloquent indeed. I chuckled when reading the part about your love for words, the dictionary and the fact that other people did not necessarily appreciate every entry in Webster’s dictionary :o). I chuckled because in my youth my friends would make fun of me for using the new, wonderful words I have learned. They don’t chuckle anymore, at least not to my face, but that is just because I am a mean old woman now :o)

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