Finding Inspiration for Writing

Today’s tip is about finding inspiration. Inspiration can be found in all you see and do. It only takes one spark to ignite the flames of passion in your writing. You can find inspiration while reading a favorite book or watching a favorite movie. Perhaps, inspiration will come when someone says something to you.

The thing about inspiration is that if you are searching for it, it will pass you by. It comes when we least expect it, from places we would never have dreamed it would. So, how do we find it, if we are not supposed to look for it? By being prepared. Learn to jot down ideas as they come to you. Later, these ideas will be expanded on. You never know when a keyword or phrase you have written down will turn into the next best seller!

Keep on writing!

More Quotes For Writers by Writers

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.  ~Vladimir Nabakov
Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.  ~Anton Chekhov

Easy reading is damn hard writing.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies.  ~Emme Woodhull-Bäche

Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.  ~Orson Scott Card

Quotes on Writing

I try to leave out the parts that people skip.  ~Elmore Leonard

Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning:  I wanted to know what I was going to say.  ~Sharon O’Brien

Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very;” your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.  ~Mark Twain

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.  ~William Wordsworth
The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction.  By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.  ~Mark Twain