Another Writing Question

Here is something for all newbie writer’s to ponder. What makes you write? Understanding your need to write goes a long way towards helping you get the flow going. Do you write to release your feelings? Do you use it as a form of escape? Do you dream of getting punlished and becoming famous or do you just wish to be published to see your name in print?

What are your goals as a writer? Defining your goals is a big step in reaching them. We all know we can’t accomplish something if we don’t know what that something is. So, today, I want you all to do some soul searching. Once you have figured out your motivation and goals for writing, put them down on paper and display it close by your writing area.

Everyday, when you sit down to write, re-read this goal statement. Then you will know why you write and where you aim to get with your writing!

Keep on writing!


One thought on “Another Writing Question

  1. I like this; been working it out for a while. I suppose that’s half the reason for the writer’s blog: to remind ourselves of what the answers to these questions are.

    I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have to re-read the statement when I sit down. It sits at a soft simmer at the back of my mind at nearly all times, like a sweet-smelling soup.

    Keep on writing, I believe, is the most important part: nothing ever gets done unless the pen touches the page. Or, in my case, the fingers stab mercilessly at the QWERTY keyboard.

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