Character Development

So, we have discussed character traits. Now, lets move on to a more in-depth character development.

 Physical traits

Once again, start with the person you know the best: yourself. Make a list of your physical traits. Then make a new list of the physical traits of family and friends. Put these lists in your notebook. Add new physical traits to it on a daily bases. You will then have a pool to draw from when developing your characters.


2 thoughts on “Character Development

  1. This is something that I have truely taken to heart. I am in the midst of working on my first (yikes!) novel, and before I even started any plot ideas, I had all (literally from main to minute) my characters invisioned from physical to personality. I feel like if you don’t have every inch of the personality or physical attibutes created, you have no way to start interactions. It has been great, and definitely made writing about them easier.

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