Character Traits

Today we are thinking about character traits. Once again, you need to start a section in your notebook or a file in your word processor, titled Character Traits.

On the first page, do a short character sketch of yourself by answering the following questions:

1. Moods? Write a few words to describe your current mood.

2. Physical? Write a few words to describe some of your physical traits.

3.Habits? Write a few words describing your habits. Do you talk with your hands? Do you run your hands through your hair when you are stressed?

These three questions should get you started. From here, you can decide what else you need to know about you characters. It is important to know your characters reaction to any given situationand the better you sketch out their character descriptions, the more likely you are to complete your novel.

Here is a site that is helpful!

Keeep on writing!

Word of the Day Tuesday March 11, 2008

assuage \uh-SWAYJ\, verb:
1. To make milder or less severe; to reduce the intensity of; to ease; to relieve.
2. To appease; to satisfy.
3. To soothe or calm; to pacify.

His generosity toward a group of young graffiti writers was, perhaps, one way to assuage his guilt.
— Phoebe Hoban, Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art

If only she would come outside
and let us meet her–face to face;
perhaps our words could turn
her anger’s tide, perhaps
we could, if not erase,
at least assuage her rage.
— Euripides,
Medea edited by David R. Slavitt and Palmer Bovie