Write to be read

“Write to be read” 

This phrase has an important meaning to me.  To me, these four words characterize my life’s goal.  My goal is to write a novel that others would like to read.  In order to reach this goal, I must consider the reader when I am writing.

  What interests the reader?  What satisfies today’s reader? What would today’s reader actually like to read?  These are all questions the writer must answer when planning and writing a novel. The same applies to all forms of writing. Whether writing a novel, short story, or a poem, the writer must consider the reader in the writing.

Does this mean that a writer should only consider the reader, when planning and writing? No, of course not.  A writer will never be happy with writing a novel that only addresses the reader’s needs. A writer must also consider his or her own needs in the work. Personal satisfaction is important in the writing process as well as the reader’s satisfaction.The writer must achieve the delicate balance in pleasing reader’s as well as his or her self. This is just one more reason the writer must practice his or her craft daily. Writing truly is an art form and must be treated as such.  


2 thoughts on “Write to be read

  1. I am the first reader I MUST please.
    If I don’t please me, I doubt if it even
    gets finished.

  2. I completely agree. I am writing specifically to create the romance novel I always wanted to read. If I do that, then I will know that it is worth publishing

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