Writing Inspiration For February 14th, 2008

Today’s writing inspiration is a little thing called “People Watching”.  People watching is a great way to come up with traits for your characters and this is important.  No one wants to read a story if the characters are not “Real” enough. 

 So, head out to your local mall or coffee shop.  Take your favorite pen and writing tablet and start taking notes!

  One thing, don’t stare at people.  This makes them uncomfortable. LOL! Just watch for facial expressions and listen for snatches of conversation. 

Jot down anything that comes to mind about the people you are watching.  Later, you can turn these notes into a character.  Or, more than one character! 

Keep on writing!


One thought on “Writing Inspiration For February 14th, 2008

  1. I LOVE people watching. You know my favorite place to people watch (and listen)? Disneyland. There is always a wide variety of people from all over the world.

    I read somewhere that writers are natural eaves-droppers. I would have to agree with that. 🙂

    Thanks for the post and inspiration!

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