Writing Tip for February 26th!

Okay, so yesterday we discussed a new word notebook. If you have it, use a spiral with dividers in it.  Start a new section today, or a new file in your word processor, titled Names. Everytime you hear a name you like, or that strikes your fancy, put it in your notebook. Just names.  We will talk later about character traits. 

So, now you have two files started.  One for new words and one for interesting names. Remember, do this in whatever way works best for you. Organizational skills are a must for a writer. 

Keep on writing!

Writing Tip for today

Today’s writing tip is all about vocabulary! A good vocabulary base is very helpful in writing. Everyday, look up a new word in your dictionary that you don’t know.  Memorize it and it’s definition.  Use it in a sentence.  Or two or three sentences. Write it down in a notebook or put it in a document file labeled, Vocabulary Words. Soon you will have a wealth of new words to pull from when your muse is out of town!