A Poem of Times Effect on Love

Times Passage

Laughing hearts, smiling faces
Moonlit nights, happy places
Shining eyes, burning hands
Yearning souls, melting sands

Passing years, endless days
Cooling hearts, passion fades
Searching souls, dreamless eyes
Waning fires, unheard cries

Cold days, lonely nights
Broken hearts, restless minds
Shattered dreams, lost desire
Love dispelled, forgotten fire


7 thoughts on “A Poem of Times Effect on Love

  1. Good poem. Describes Rejection.

  2. I enjoyed it very much.

  3. my lost brother r.i.p

  4. my lost brother r.i.p

    i would swap places with my brother in a second
    but, it’s the questions that beckons
    why would i do that if he was in a better place?
    i would do that coz i would love to see his face!
    i don’t know why but it feels like an addiction
    holding up the pictures and reminicen
    of all the days that he used to hold me
    and all the bed time stories that he told me

    lost and gone brother if you were alive
    things would be different ‘coz you’d be in my life
    a new child is born whenever somebody die
    so to meet that person it would be nice
    if he’s as nice as you then i wanna meet him
    in my heart you have opened up a new kingdom
    steve, you were the best
    on earth you were blessd, may your soul be at rest

    im 16 years old and a hip hop lyric writer so if you think i am good please let me no.

    R.I.P steve love you bro!!!

  5. Could you tell me the way to read this poem? Tell me the point to sound up and down. I am Cambodian. I have over 50 ways to write poem and it has different ways to read or sing.


  6. This poem is simply read from left to right. Starting at the top and going to the bottom.

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