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What does it mean to me?  To me Chirstmas is the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord.  It is also a time to show our love for one another and spend time with our families. 

What do I enjoy the most about it? I love the decorations and the  lights, the music and the TV specials.  I love the food!  I love the cookies and the ham and the turkey and dressing.  I really love the food! My favorite thing is the Christmas Carols.

What do I enjoy the least?  The shopping and the crowds.  I can’t stand how rude people can be when shopping.  I get very angry with every shopping cart that runs over the backs of my feet while I am looking at something.  I also hate the way some shoppers just snatch an item right out of your hands.  Why is it that the season of Love and Joy make people fanatical cranky shoppers?

Have I done anything special this year?  I have been to see the Christmas show at our local community theater where my hubby performs.  I have performed with my dear friends, The Unreal McCoys at a local restaurant. 

Are we doing anything special on Christmas Day?  We are flying to Virginia to see my hubby’s parents.  We leave on the afternoon of Christmas Day.  While in Virginia we are taking our children skiing for a few days.  It will be their first time, should be interesting!

Well, enough rambling for now!  Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “More Ramblings

  1. I absolutely agree with you with regards to the rudeness of the crowd during Christmas shopping. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Amen Sister. Dr. B

  3. Come home beautiful little girl. Your mommy misses you and her babies!

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