Writing about the Holidays

A good way to break through writer’s block is to start a journal. Not sure what to journal about?  Start by jotting down your thoughts and impressions of this holiday season.  Also, the parties and family gatherings should provide lots of material for characters!


2 thoughts on “Writing about the Holidays

  1. My God, yes: the holidays are the perfect time for students of human psychology. And family gatherings always introduce subtle tensions and old conflicts that make good grist for writing. Journals are a bit too easy, though, too self-absorbed. Much better to craft a short story or novella, something meant for other eyes, rather than an abject exercise in self-absorption…

  2. I don’t personally find journaling to be self absorbed, but to each their own. We must all overcome our personal demons as we best can. Journaling has been of immense value to me in my own experience of overcoming writer’s block. A block that lasted almost 7 years. I am happy to be past that part of my life. Thanks for commenting!

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